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Get rid of “Stinking Thinking” and be happy!

From Stinky to Cheery:
Here is the thing about your thoughts: they are not always accurate. That does not make you less of a person. That is just the very nature of your and everyone else’s thoughts.
There is a voice in your head that messes up your thoughts. When you face the mirror, it whispers how unattractive you are so you end up with a frown. When you accomplish something, it dismisses your achievement and says how worthless your attempts are. When you aren’t good at something, it screams how bad, unlucky and hopeless you are.
It is time to recognize the presence of that voice. This is the first step towards healing your self-esteem, improving your outlook in life, and being at peace with yourself.
If you believe you are not attractive, stare at your reflection a little bit longer. You may have flaws, but you also have good features. Your scar is not the entirety of you. Whatever physical blemish you think you have, keep in mind that it is just a part of who you are.
If you regard your accomplishment and attempts as useless, think about how you might have spent your time, energy, money or any other resources. You might have wasted hours or your skills by being idle instead, right? No matter how small your achievement might seem, it actually means you have done something productive.
If you feel like the worst, unluckiest and utterly hopeless person ever just because you failed at something, remember the tales of great inventors, designers, artists and athletes. They didn’t get it right the first time. They made mistakes countless of times. But, they didn’t dwell on their failures for so long.
You don’t have to look for famous individuals for inspiration. Remember the toddler who stumbles a lot as he tries to walk. Learn from the people around you as well. Everyone has imperfections and makes mistakes, but that should not stop you from reaching out to others.
When you find yourself stuck with the thoughts about your latest mistake, try to search for the lessons you have learned instead. If that is hard, remember all the good things you have done in the past. Don’t forget to tell yourself that it is okay. Mistakes happen whether you are prepared or not. Do the same to other people’s mistakes, especially if those mistakes affected you in one way or another. Be compassionate not just to yourself but to other people too.
Compassion nurtures the other voice in your head that says you are good, you are enough, and you are lovable. Let that voice comfort you. Your thoughts are not always accurate, but you can control it. You have the option to focus on the positive side and the other voice in your head will guide you.

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